Frequently asked questions

Find here a few of the most common questions we get from clients! Or

Most popular questions

We focus on small and mid-sized businesses that are on their starting-point or trying to implement more efficient processes

Currently, we offer:

  • Businesses standard process operations implementation.
  • Business analysis and product development.
  • Digital presence
  • Internal workflows set-up: automation and/or systems migration

We’re always expanding our expertise on systems & tools, we currently specialize on the following platforms (but not limited to):

  • CRMs.
  • CMSs.
  • Voice & Chat systems.
  • Payment platforms.
  • Communication (internal & external) systems for automations

Our hourly rate varies and depends on the project, as a ballpark figure, our rates can start from $12/hour.

For project-based package is usually charged 50/50, meaning that we charge you 50% of the project to start, and the rest at the end of the project

Getting Started

Our 1st assestment is totally free. This works for us to have a 360 degree view of your business, help clarify the vision, goals and objectives of the project

After our meeting, our team will draft a proposal divided into small portions of time (sprints), along with a risk’s evaluation, a work-breakdown-structure and possible deliverables, but this might change, it all depends on your request!

Of course! Part of helping you develop your project is to have the ability to adapt to new circumstances / requests from you

Absolutely, in the past, whenever a new business necessity comes up, we would schedule a Stand-up Assestment Meeting with our client and then evaluate how we can support it!